This dress pattern can be downloaded as a free PDF at Tina Givens website. It is a signature style for this designer and very simple to sew. Ingeniously simple, which is right up my alley.


However, light drapey fabrics are recommended for this style, and it appears my rather substantial cotton, repurposed from a used sheet, did not quite fit the bill. When I tried the dress on after sewing front and back together, my first thought was ‘that looks just like scrubs’. To be fair, in a light voile or silk the look may be quite different, but for the fabric at hand what was needed was to make the cut-on sleeve narrower to achieve a closer fit in the shoulders and sleeves. A sleeve width of around 20-22cm on the front and back, or 40-44cm in the round is comfortable for me, but YMMV. This was easily achieved by continuing the side seam upwards and drawing a new sleeve seam parallel to the original one, but higher up.

The other change I made to the pattern was that I did not cut the front slit. I should be brave and give it a try, because this first version is only a muslin anyway, but I naturally shy away from anything that can not be undone if I don’t like it. And a cut right up the front of the garment is definitely in that category.

purple dress block print

So this is the finished dress. Not bad for a first attempt, but I think a closer fit in the shoulders would be more flattering. For this type of fabric, I would be inclined to superimpose one of my TNT bodices and short sleeves, instead of the original cut-on sleeve. I am not crazy about the sleeve hem sticking out the way it does.

As for the print, I think it should be smaller and closer together, as I already concluded in my previous post. Still, not bad for a first try and definitely has potentials watch this space.