I only have one son, but due to circumstances he is obliged to have two weddings, to the same girl I might add, so I get to be the MOG twice.

His beloved is of Italian descent, but her grandparents migrated to Brazil. She has a big family back home she is very close to, not to mention friends, so understandably she wanted to have a celebration at home. The snag was, that the paperwork for a non-Brazilian to get married in Brazil is monumental. For starters, marriages and divorces are recorded on a person’s birth certificate in Brazil, so when you want to marry you present your birth certificate to prove that you are single. Of course an Australian birth certificate has no such information. So how coupd DS prove to the authorities that he was not already married? Tricky. They decided to have everything but the legal formalities in Brazil, and then another wedding for the Australian family and friends in Sydney, this time actually signing the papers and making it official.

Some of you may have read my review of my MOG dress and remember that I was a bit apprehensive of how I would get on with so many people I didn’t know it a culturally quite different environment. But the wedding in Brazil was truly awesome. I love gardens lit up at night, and the tables were set up in an open air pavilion. The flowers were truly sensational, as was the samba dancing. I hate dancing normally as I have two left feet and feel too self-conscious, but there is no escaping that rhythm and joy de vivre and I had a wonderful time. While some of the Brazilians are fabulous dancers and quite intimidating to watch, soon everyone from the kids to the grandmas were on that dance floor and any thought of feeling awkward or self-conscious went right out of the window.

I fear the Sydney version will be far more pedestrian, but with a bit of luck it will have a charm of its own. We are having lunch at a venue right on the harbour, and provided the weather behaves itself it should be lovely.

Of course being the MOG means I need a MOG dress. I could wear the same dress again, but where would be the fun in that?

There is no more fabulous Dutch silk in my stash, so I am doing a Scarlett O’Hara,, which is one of my specialties. Meaning that I am using some silk dupioni meant for curtains. It was a bargain, probably because vibrant cobalt blue is very unfashionable for home dec, far too dark for curtains, impractical for bedding and totally unsuitable for upholstery. But just right for a MOG. It is a very dressy colour, and as an additional bonus everyone will be able to locate me instantly.

True to form I will be using a TNT pattern, inspired by Lyn Mizono


as interpreted by the incomparable Shams in her tablecloth skirt.


I could have looked at the photo of the Lyn Mizono dress for 100 years without figuring out the pattern, but thanks to Shams I don’t have to.

I have made two of these dresses so far, one for winter and one summer. Naturally this version will be sleeveless and I will try to make it a bit shorter as the wedding will be cocktail dress.