So far so good. I have lost about 1.5 kg, which probably doesn’t sound like much. I used to lose weight a lot faster, but in the last decade, 1 kg per month was about all I could lose, on a diet of between 1200-1300 cals per day.

That amount of deprivation is hard to stick to for months on end, especially when the reward is so tiny. Younger women and any age men seem to lose weight at a much faster rate, there clearly is no justice in this world.

But the two fast days per week are a lot easier to live with than a permanent starvation regime. I am fully fit and energetic on a fast day, even often forget that I am fasting, to the point where I have started cooking dinner once or twice. Fortunately I have always remembered just in time. And I don’t really feel hungry. A little deprived at times, but it’s easy to put up with when I know I can eat the next day.

It helps to keep busy though, especially after work. A good book or interesting TV show are a great distraction. I also find that I like an early night on a fast day, as I tend to feel a little cold in the evenings and also get tired earlier. It probably only adds to the health benefits to catch up to on some sleep.

An interesting observation has been that I am no more hungry than usual the morning after a fast day, if anything, a little less. But one of my fast days is a Friday, and we usually go out for breakfast at a cafe on Saturday. If I leave this is too late in the morning, I seem to ‘fall over a cliff’, in other words I get really hungry from one moment to the next and feel a bit weak and dizzy until I have some food. I am tempted to try a 5 day continuous fast, but this makes me hesitate.

Instead I have decided to stop drinking alcohol for the time being. I do like a glass of wine or two, but I find that after a couple of weeks of abstinence the desire for a drink goes away, even when I’m quite stressed, or feels the need for relaxation. My ‘naughty’ drink at night is now a glass of orange juice, which is off the menu at other times because juice is so full of sugar.

I’m not sure how long I can keep up all this saintliness, but for the moment I am content. Only my digestion, which is normally of the cast iron rhinoceros variety isn’t quite as happy, I have had a few belly aches the next evening after a fast day. Not because I have been overeating, in fact I have probably been eating less than usual, but it seems my intestines like their holiday and grumble when they have to go back to work.

So all is well after the first month and I shall continue on my way. I will write up my observations again after 3 or 4 months, hoping this will be useful to others.