Oh, how I love thee, dishwasher, let me count the ways!

Nobody could ever describe me as a neat freak, creative chaos is more my thing, but everyone has their limits. Dirty dishes on top of all the other mess are just about mine. So imagine the utter blissful bliss of Mr Rivergum heaving the dishwasher into position, connection the pipes, plugging it in, looking deeply into my eyes and murmuring into my ear what I have longed to hear for an eternity: “Go ahead!”

And they say romance is dead!


The quiet burbling sound of the dishwasher busily doing its thing is a heavenly accompaniment to the noise of hammering and electric screwdriving that is punctuating our evenings at the moment. The cupboards are fun to put together, but there are 20 of them, not to mention the 17 drawers and other assorted bits. We have just finished the third weekend of our reno. So far we have assembled all the base cupboards, high cupboards, some of the top cupboards and several of the drawers. That has made a dent in the flatpack pile, but it isn’t gone. If you are wondering at the different shades of blue on some of the cupboard fronts, they are a protective film. We are leaving it on for now, partly to stop scratches while we are working and partly for the big reveal at the end.

Mr Rivergum has installed the rails for the top cupboards and we have hung a couple. We would have hung the lot, except one of them turned out to be a base cabinet, same measurements but no top because base cabinets are covered by the benchtops. So that has to go back, along with the cupboards over the fridge, which are too high, now that we decided to make the top cupboards lower so they won’t cause grief with the cornice. We forgot that they all needed to be the same height. Oops.

This is one of the nice things about DIY, you can change your mind and adjust your ideas as you go along. Exchanging items seems to be no problem, which is great.


But two wall cupboards are up, a place to put things were they won’t be moved all the time!! It is hard to appreciate fully how wonderful this is, unless you have spent the last couple of weeks constantly looking for things because they are no longer where they were the last time you used them. Want a cup of tea? First hunt for the kettle, the tea, a power point, cups, a spoon, etc etc? You get the idea.

But the absolute highlight of the weekend have been the wardrobes in the hallway. They are in, including the shelves!


The doors will have to wait until they are no longer in danger of being damaged, as large and heavy objects are carried through in the direction of the kitchen, but I can already put stuff away. Just have a look at our shoes, no longer cluttering up the entrance but neatly put away, behind closed doors eventually, and best of all, there even is lots of room left. How good is that!