The splashback caused me quite a bit of angst and indecision. I would have liked glass or perspex, but that turned out to be rather exy, and we were going for a budget kitchen, not an all-singing-all-dancing extravaganza. I toyed with the idea of doing a blue/green/grey watercolour wash like I do on my silks, or even a block print, then put clear perspex over the top. But it got too complicated, the rest of the family thought it would look too hippie,  and anyway, even clear perspex spec’d for behind a stove is still expensive. So in the end I settled for the nearest thing, the IKEA Lysekil laminate panels.


These are thin melamine, double sided, and of course I chose the drama side. Cheap and cheerful, and easily cut to size DIY, they are a very cost effective solution. We put up several of the panels yesterday, and I love the look! The only thing that made me hesitate is that the distinctive design immediately identifies an IKEA kitchen, I would have liked to be a bit coy about the low cost of my wonderful new culinary installation, but that horse has possibly bolted anyway, as the handles we chose are very IKEA looking too.

We only got to work for one day this weekend, as we had friends down from Townsville. They left early Sunday morning and we started around 11 after taking them to the airport. Putting in the exhaust took a fair chunk of the day, and a few fiddly bits like the under-cupboard lights for the benchtops and finally the panels accounted for the rest.

Mr Rivergum at work


Mr Rivergum fending off the paparazzi


It has been almost exactly a month now since the flatpacks were delivered and all the cupboards have been installed, the drawers and shelves are in and the doors on. We are avoiding cutting in the hob after our experience with the sink, but that will be done next weekend. I am starting to realise how much easier the sink would have been if we had followed the instructions, instead of trying to wing it. When I saw Mr Rivergum use the template provided to cut out for the exhaust, I happened to comment what a shame it was there had been no template for the sink. He looked a bit sheepish. Apparently it had been tossed with the packaging. Grr!

Now that some of the backsplash is in, it is getting really hard to leave the protective plastic on the cupboard fronts. For a start the bright blue is a bit jarring with the panel colours. I am dying to see what it will look like with the light grey, so I have doctored this photo in Photoshop. But is it really what the colour will look like when the plastic is off? Patience is a virtue, but it can be tough!


Not much sewing happening here, needless to say, but I did make a jacket just before we embarked on the kitchen, which I have not blogged about yet because blogging about the kitchen is more exciting. I have also started a Marcy Tilton jacket, a very simple design that ought to be a quick sew, but with a couple of seams sewn per weekend it is taking its sweet time. And now I am prevaricating whether I should do a lining.

It is only 5 weeks or so before I am off to see my family in Austria again, and kitchen or not, getting my wardrobe organised is starting to figure large on my mental horizon. So if you are missing the sewing posts, there will be more of them soon!