Yes, I can do a proper sleeve placket. But it is time consuming and by the time I get to the end of the sleeve in my sewing process I am almost finished. Spending another hour faffing around with a minor detail does not appeal. Besides, this is MY hobby and I do what I want, so if the sewing police should turn up to drag me off to sewing jail I will tell them politely where to get off.

Lately I have been making the Tessuti Jac shirt, which has a 3/4 sleeve with a notched cuff. This can be folded down to reach the wrist when worn under a jumper. (For some reason WordPress does not let me make a normal link, so I have to insert the address.)

But I thought I would have a go at a more conventional shirt pattern as I wanted to repurpose something that doesn’t have quite enough fabric for the Jac. So I dug out an old Burda pattern, Burda 8367. I also wanted long sleeves to wear this shirt under jumpers. Unfortunately the pattern is OOP, but still around on the interwebs.

The fabric came from a repurposed set of cot sheets which had plenty of holes, which meant I had to use two different prints to have enough for the shirt. If you look closely you can see the smaller and larger herringbone pattern on the front pieces and sleeves.

This pattern is a nice, quick sew, economical with fabric and I like the roomy collar. Sewing details of the collar and faux shirt cuffs are on PatternReview.