Well, sometimes it works… possibly often enough for me to keep trying. Intermittent reinforcement, as they say.

This wool double knit was ordered on the interwebs and shipped at great expense from the US, only to find that I really hated the colour. Don’t ask me why. Sometime you just do. I tried to dye it, but found that it must be a wool mix, as some bits dyed and others didn’t, which meant the dyed version wasn’t much of an improvement.

So after much wrinkling of brow and using words best not repeated, I decided to make a jumper and print it with a combination of abstract paintings I found online. It looks like a burnt landscape (quite topical for bush fire ravaged Oz in the middle of an epidemic) with a moon, or sun, or whatever. I didn’t manage to get the heavenly body quite in the right place on the front (b*gger!). That’s what happens when you print it before the rest of the stuff, which unfortunately is necessary if you want it behind the burnt timbers.

Much better placement on the back.

So here are some more pics. You decide if Operation Silk Purse was a success. 🙂

For the print I combined two abstract paintings. This is the first one. Unfortunately the artist was not mentioned on Pinterest, only that it was from Thepaintart.

I turned this upside down to reassemble charred logs and cut a stencil which i printed on the back of the top. I like starting on the back when I print, because I can learn from any oopsies and avoid them on the front, plus they don’t stare me in the face every time I look in the mirror.

The colours seemed a bit dour after the first print, so I added a white circle. Then I thought the top still needed more black to dominate the brown and some extra trees would be nice, so I overprinted with a stencil cut from this painting. Again no artist, only that it is sold by CZ Art Design.

I used to ink my stencils with a foam roller, but found that a bit cut from a cheap plastic sponge works better. I use waterbased Permaset screen printing ink and work from the edges of the stencil towards the middle to avoid getting leakage outside the stencil lines. Usually I need to let it dry and do a second coat, especially if the fabric is not perfectly smooth and quite thick like this wool double knit. A hair dryer helps to speed the drying process.

The pattern I used for the top is the Tessuti Mandy, which has proven to be such a great canvas for my printing. This time I kept the long sleeves. The sewing details are on PatternReview.