Of course you do if you are reading my blog. That icon of the seventies, when not just clothes were that colour but everything from kitchen cupboards to shagpile carpet. In Sydney there was even a high rise office building with burnt orange plastic cladding. It has long since been re-clad in beige, but the memory lingers…

Well, it appears no fashion insanity is too insane for a revival, once enough time has passed, even if in this case it has taken 50 years. Look what I found on Pinterest.

I knew burnt orange was back in the real world too and not just online, when I found a linen curtain of that colour in the ‘As Is’ bin at Ikea. And here it is, slightly modified.

I used the same pattern for the pants as in the last post, a Marcy Tilton Vogue, leaving off the bottom part and the pockets. The weave of the linen is a little loose and I was worried the pockets would show through.

The top is another version of the Tessuti Mandy, with the armscyes widened to suit a woven and cuffs instead of sleeves. I have described the sewing process on PatternReview here.

My black and white Ikea print jacket, based on the Tessuti Jac shirt, works quite well with this too. So well done, Tessuti, Ikea and Marcy!