I still have a crush on Matisse and Fauvism, the colours are so bright and cheerful, they just light up my day. Great to hang on a wall, but not quite so great for clothing. One day I might attempt to copy that curtain, but for now it is well beyond my skills.

Fortunately Matisse’s cutouts are also great for my fabric printing and a whole lot easier to achieve, even if the colours are dialled back rather severely.

This is a dress pattern I have made a few times, the last version was for Christmas Day last year and this one was made for a recent family wedding. (Yes, we still are allowed to have weddings in Australia, my heart-felt sympathies to you if things are very different where you live.)

The print looks like one of the many cutouts from the ‘Jardin des Plantes’ series, or it could be just Matisse-inspired, but in any case it is just right for what I had in mind. The fabric is another silk/cotton sheer, like the green with the grey print (see link in the last paragraph), this time a light brown. The thinness of the silk/cotton makes it ideal for block printing, as blocks don’t transfer a lot of ink, not anywhere near as much as screen printing. This can be frustrating when using fabric with a rougher surface where more ink would be needed to make a nice fat even print. I really must do more block printing on silk seeing it is so rewarding, although it can be a bit scary to print on $$$ fabrics. I have only just stopped hyperventilating when printing on linen.

The dress makes a nice formal outfit with a pair of black pants underneath (use your imagination to add the appropriate shoes) and the big black hat is great for camouflage. I can people-watch and chat with members of my extended family to my hearts content without anyone being entirely certain what I look like these days.

The sewing details are on PatternReview.

Nothing like a comfortable outfit to have fun at an outdoor wedding, held on a warm and sunny afternoon at beautiful Church Point.