This fabric, used by Grainline Studio for their Willow dress, rather intrigued me and I thought it would work nicely for one of my stencils.

So I zoomed in and copied some of those trees.

The motif is a straight copy, I am embarrassed to say, but at least the colour scheme and garment are my own. I had an olive green sweatshirt in mind, with black trees and a nice big cowl to keep me warm in July temps that have finally dipped into the single digits early in the morning. Thankfully they go up a bit higher later in the day.

The pattern of the motifs is a departure from my usual rather rigid grid, which makes the result a bit more interesting. You can also see that each stencil print isn’t perfect, as a matter of fact some of the trees look rather clumsy and childish because the ink has leaked a bit under the stencil. I should be using spray-on adhesive, but when you move and re-place the stencil many times to build up a pattern over a whole garment, that isn’t very effective. I use the end of a brush or a chopstick to press the stencil down tightly to the fabric, but with all those fiddly little bits where the branches join the trunks that doesn’t always work either. Plus I get impatient and just slap on the ink. The solution would be screen printing, stupid woman, but I am still prevaricating.

The imperfect nature of the prints always frustrates me greatly while I am stencilling, and it isn’t until a garment piece is finished and I take a step back that I can see that the whole is much better than each individual part.

The pattern used (modified) was the Tessuti Mandy boat neck tee and the sewing details are on PatternReview.

Stencilling Notes

  • Acetate mixed media stencil, cut with fine point soldering iron
  • Thick, stubby pencil brush (Aldi kids art materials)
  • Permaset screen printing ink, super cover black, thinned with 5-10% water
  • Heat set in dryer 30 mins on high, also ironed
  • Not washed yet
  • Printed on brushed sweatshirt knit, cotton

Linked to Me Made Mittwoch.