I don’t know what it is about lockdowns that makes me want to make coats and jackets. It must be all that extra time on my hands and a pathological fear of boredom. Last winter I made a jacket version of the Tessuti Jac shirt, 3 versions of the Vogue 9135 jacket and a Vogue 8934 wool coat. So far this year I have only made this trench coat plus a boiled wool coat for DSIL, but give me time. This lockdown will go for months, and I have a black cashmere melton and a mustard boiled wool in my stash, apart from at least one more printed nylon taffeta, so who knows?

This is a light trans-seasonal coat, made from a sturdy nylon taffeta, which will keep out the wind and possibly a bit of rain too. It was part of my huge and happy haul the last time I could get to a Stoffmarkt Holland (now only a distant memory, sigh). I fear Australians will be locked up in our island prison until next year, if not for longer. There will be a humongous fabric buying orgy once I can get back on a plane to Europe!

The pattern is the Tessuti Melbourne Trench Coat. This is a very streamlined, easy coat pattern and ideal for a statement coat in a dramatic print.

My print is not that dramatic, but I have seen some doozies on Pinterest that will make you stand out in any crowd. So I might be tempted to give this pattern another outing one of these days, just watch this space!

The sewing details are on PatternReview and this is linked to Me made Mittwoch.