It is going to take a while to get this particular cat out of my system, I just love the minimalist shape. This is the second top I printed with it and it won’t be the last.

I used a midnight blue merino activewear blend that I picked up as a remnant from the Fabric Store in Sydney. It has a mostly man-made smooth outer layer with a merino loopback layer inside, a great weight for a sweatshirt and super comfortable to wear. The pattern used is my current go-to which can be varied easily for all kinds of tops, the Tessuti Mandy, with an added cowl for winter warmth. I often shorten the Mandy to high hip length, which suits both skirts and wide pants, but this time I left it the original length of the pattern. With a remnant the amount you get is pre-determined and I don’t like waste, plus it keeps most of my bum nice and warm too. 🙂

The printing was done using the same stencil I cut earlier for my first cat top, but this time I cut a smaller version of the cat as well and mixed the two sizes together. With stencils it is also possible to reverse them and get a mirror image, something impossible with blocks unless you want to cut two. The different sizes and mirror images make a nice visual mix.

I used a combination of Permaset screen printing ink and acrylic paint, mixing white screen printing ink with a small amount of black acrylic, having run out of black screen printing ink for the moment. It works fine, although the resulting paint had the curious property of showing the brush strokes quite distinctly. Or maybe it wasn’t the paint, but my brush was just too stiff or possibly it was the surface of the fabric? You can’t see it very well in the photo, but whatever the reason, it suits the cats quite well, looking a bit like fur. For the eyes I used a cotton stick again, like last time.

If anyone is interested, I described the stencilling process in detail in my post ‘One Cat Short of Crazy’. Below is the top featured in that post, the pattern was again the Mandy, that time without a cowl and high hip length.

The instructions on how to convert the Mandy pattern into a sweatshirt with a cowl can be found here on Pattern Review.

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