After my Henri Matisse phase I now have a decided crush on a Japanese artist, Samiro Yunoki. This is the second time I have used his art, this time more of a copy than mere inspiration. I hope he doesn’t mind.

I repurposed a top which is quite a few years old and the style was looking dated. But the fabric is an absolutely wonderful crinkle linen I bought in Europe, the type you can do anything you like with and it won’t ever look rumpled. Far too good to get rid of even if it is almost 10:years old.

So I re-fashioned the top to something similar to the Tessuti Athina, to make the style more current. Then I stencilled it and here we are.

Japanese artists are often minimalist, which is right up my alley., and Yunoki definitely is. Here is another one of his paintings which absolutely speaks to me.

I hope he doesn’t mind my appropriation. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The pattern for the second top was the Tessuti Mandy, with added funnel neck.

Stencilling notes

  • Stencilled with black screen printing ink, this time NOT supercover. Works better for black, not as gluggy and easier to apply.
  • Blue is white supercover screen printing ink, tinted with blue acrylic

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