I always wanted to have another go at a top with pelicans. Last time I thought the motifs were too small and the whole thing a bit too pedestrian.

This time a went too the other extreme, large and bold!

The pelicans were stencilled with freezer paper on light grey linen using screen printing inks. I use the freezer paper to get nice clean lines, which would otherwise be slow and painstaking on fabric. With the iron-on paper you get a nice sharp edge with little effort. Plus you can change your drawing on the paper easily until it is right, while a brush stroke with paint on fabric is permanent.

The pattern is the Tessuti Athina, longer length, with side slits.

The composition wasn’t exactly improved when the top went from a flat 2-dimensional canvas to a 3-dimensional garment worn on a round body, but it’s too late to do anything about that now. I will need to get the hang of allowing for that when I paint a garment in the flat and there is always the next project.

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