Our family has had two new additions, little Clara Rosa born last October and now little Edward George born in April. They are both absolutely gorgeous and grandma has been busy sewing.

Baby Edward, known as Teddy, has a lot of clothing from his big brother, but with a new baby you want some new clothes as well. His mum wanted a wrap jackets and harem pants, so grandma dug into her baby fabric stash and made this outfit. It is a newborn size and won’t fit him for long, but at least he won’t get lost in it. The buttons could be a safety concern, except that in 50 years of sewing not one of my hand sewn buttons has ever come off, and I sewed these on extra carefully.

The top is the Newborn Kimono pattern from Purl Soho and the pants are the tiny harem pants from All Sewing Patterns. Both patterns are free.

Little Clara has recently started on solids, and her mum has requested some serious coverage bibs. I came across the idea of the bapron, or baby apron on Pinterest.

You can buy the pattern at Craftiness is not Optional, but I made mine from an online picture I found after a Google image search.

To get the pattern, I used the method described in my post How to Print a Pattern from a Sketch. As a size guide I used an RTW t-shirt I had on hand. I am sorry not to be able to show these off on my cute DGD, and will remedy this asap when I visit her in Shanghai next week.

This version is a sinfully expensive Marimekko fabric, but nothing is too good to be gunked on by a precious granddaughter! Fortunately there is enough left for a pretty Marimekko dress for her when she is a little older.

The other version is a jersey knit bought at Remant Warehouse, cheap but cute, and best of all with koalas to remind her of home.

I backed all the bibs using a pink towel found in great-grandma’s linen press after she passed away and we cleared out the house. Nice touch I think. Great-grandma would be pleased her towel has been put to such good use.